Eco Light Bulb

Renewable Energies

Over 36% of our electricity consumption comes from renewable technologies to reduce the use of conventional power.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Cooling Control System

By using automatic mode in air conditioning, we lower energy consumption and ensure a greater energy efficiency.

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We cover the cost of our employees' public transport tickets to encourage the use of environmentally and climate-friendly modes of transport.


Light Sources

By using modern LED lighting systems and intelligent motion sensors, we minimize our energy consumption.

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Waste Separation

We consistently separate and deposisting waste in containers designed for its purpose. In addition our cleaning crew only use ecological cleaning agents.

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We are actively committed to buy sustainable products that are based on regenerative and renewable resources.

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By integration sustainability principles into the procurement process, we contribute to reduce the environmental footprint.

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Paperless Office

We run a paperless office where all communication and transactions are digital to reduce consumption and minimize our environmental footprint.

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